If you are a craftsperson, trader, VSE or VSI, does your enterprise post an annual turnover of up to €1.5M? Are your customers mostly professionals, enterprises or administrations?

You need to take risks to grow your business and forge business relations with new customers. As you are aware, late and bounced payments make it really hard for you to make your payments on time and meet your cash requirements.

The success of your activity depends on the good relationships you maintain with your customers and on the business you can get from them. Against this background, sending dunnings does not always help your commercial transactions.

Whatever your industry (transport, building, equipment, wholesale trade trade, services, small industry and so on), Eurofactor provides a very comprehensive range of invoice financing and credit management solutions that are suited to your needs and adjustable as your activity changes.

Entrepreneur special

With PREFERENCE, you collect all or part of your turnover as soon as you launch your business, to when you get your first customer.

The flat monthly rate is added automatically, without an annual minimum or additional cost.

You do not have to present your first balance sheet.

The protection against your customers' insolvency, the outsourcing of dunning and account receivables saves you precious times. These services also help you select customers that are potentially solvent and optimise your business efficiency.


(*) Subject to invoices being compliant and contract terms being respected. Performance of the portfolio in 2010: 81% of submitted invoices processed and financed within 24hrs.

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