Are you a business leader who owns a company with a turnover of between €1.5m and €45m? Are your customers mostly professionals, enterprises or administrations?

Finance your enterprise as it grows without additional debt

Eurofactor repurchases your receivables and allows you to reduce your debt burden by financing your account receivables

  • This simple finance solution relies on you submitting your invoices
  • With this quick solution that is available within a maximum of 24 hours*, you get the available financing at your convenience via the client website
  • Up to 100% of your receivables bought

The flexible and suitable financing solution follows changes in your turnover and adapts to your enterprise's operating cycle

Grow safely

Eurofactor protects you in the event that your customer becomes insolvent with the Protection against the risk of insolvency

You will be informed about your customers' insolvency, and track payment incidents. You thus will be able to optimally choose new customers and make quick and reliable business decisions.

In real time, you will get approval for each of your customers. If the customers become insolvent, you will be compensated in the full tax inclusive value of your invoice.

You get effective and permanent protection as a default, if any, by your customer, will have no impact on your operating account.

Enhance your account receivables turnover

Eurofactor will be responsible for collection, dunning and cashing of your invoices:

  • Before maturity, we ensure the return of drafts and inform you about potential disputes. As a result, you will be able to process and avoid any late payment
  • After maturity, customised dunning letters are sent based on the types of customers you have. Your customers may settle their invoices in euros or foreign currency, irrespective of the invoice currency
  • Your settlement periods will be cut and you will enhance your account receivables turnover, thereby increasing your working capital.

Streamline your organisation on a daily basis

Eurofactor will fully manage your account receivables:

  • Registering your invoices in their original currency
  • Identifying payments and matching them
  • Banks remittances
  • Account balance analysis

All trade accounts are replaced by a single account, Eurofactor's.

Gain market shares abroad when you export

Eurofactor provides a flexible, adaptable and instant* financing solution for your international receivables. Whatever your invoice currency, you will get financing within 24hrs* in euros or foreign currency.

Our Export product is managed by a team of specialists based in Germany, Benelux, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Poland, who, under the same trade name, share the same tools and unique expertise. It is the first integrated factoring network in Europe covering the bulk of French exporters' operations.

As a member of IFG (International Factors Group) with its 80+ members in 50+ countries, we cater to all the needs of French enterprises that operate abroad.

Our teams use their perfect knowledge of each country's legal practices to serve you, thereby reducing payment periods. You will get information on your customers' solvency status, while a permanent exchange with our local vendors ensures our analysis are up-to-date and reliable.

You will get a credit approval for each of your customers. In the event of insolvency, you will be compensated for the full amount of receivables approved.

(*) Subject to invoices being compliant and contract terms being respected. Performance of the portfolio in 2010: 81% of submitted invoices processed and financed within 24hrs.

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