3 high value-added services

  • Financing of your invoices within 24hrs (1)
  • Full protection against the risk of your clients' insolvency
  • Integrated management of your account receivables: Dunning, settlements, collection

 A close relationship                         

  • Your customer relations manager will be attentive and ready to meet with you and adjust your contract to suit your needs.

  • Your manager will assist you with your daily operations.

  • You can easily manage your contract 24/7 on the website Eurofactor Online.

Finance your daily cash requirements and expansion projects

Eurofactor supports you through an uncapped financing solution that changes with your activity.

You then manage your financing requests to reflect your requirements.

  • On-line financing: on-call or automatic transfer of available funds
  • Contract management via our website

 Speed up payment of your invoices

Eurofactor carries out amicable dunning actions to promptly identify potential disputes, reduce late payments and limit bounced payment risks.

Thanks to Eurofactor's expertise, you will devote your energies to growing your business.

  • Dunning techniques and processes suited to your customers' profile
  • Expertise across all industries gained by working with 160,000 debtors
  • Track online what is being done, arrears, disputes

Secure your business transactions

Eurofactor informs you about the financial strength of your prospects and customers. You get insolvency protection against your customers through the protection we provide for your invoices, covering up to 100 % of their value (2).

  • 97% of online credit approval requests processed within 48hrs (3)

  • Arbitrages by our Credit Analysts specialised in specific sectors

Optimize your costs

Management by Eurofactor speeds up the client cycle turnover and reduces the financial costs incurred. You will sustainably cut your costs structure and convert your fixed costs into variable costs. You will enjoy the benefits of the latest technical developments and ease time-consuming administrative tasks. You will fully focus on your core business and on growing your business.

You will quickly enhance efficiency and benefit from the reliable management of your customer cycle:

  • 69% of settlements matched within 24hrs (3)
  • Images of payments available online

What our customers have to say

"Cash injections allow us to significantly shorten supplier leadtimes and get discounts.”

"The rigorous and professional way in which the service is delivered gives me credibility with my customers.”

"Credit management is clearly the major advantage provided under the contract... "

(*) Subject to invoices being compliant and contract terms being respected. Performance of the portfolio in 2012: 84% of submitted invoices are processed and financed within 24hrs (2) Within the limits of credit approvals. (3) Performance of the portfolio in 2012.

Product pluses

  • Enhancement and optimisation of your account receivables

  • Flexible financing of your short-term requirements and expansion projects

  • Time saving with the easing of administrative tasks
  • Allocation of your resources to your enterprise's strategic goals
  • Mobile application - Eurofactor Online

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