Crédit Agricole Commercial Finance Polska changes its branding and company name

Following the recent rollout of the new factoring brand in Spain, Portugal, Germany and Benelux, the Polish entity is the fifth member of the Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring international network to adopt the Eurofactor brand. In this way, Poland is taking part in the convergence of CAL&F's various entities towards a common brand dedicated to factoring within the Crédit Agricole Group, allowing it to leverage this stronger, more visible reputation.

This change makes it possible for Eurofactor Polska to highlight its belonging to the Crédit Agricole Group and of CAL&F's international network. As well as the brand, the company's name in Poland - Crédit Agricole Commercial Finance Polska SA - has been changed to Eurofactor Polska SA.

For Stanisław Atanasow, the Chairman of the Eurofactor Polska SA Board, this change is "a mean of bringing a substantial benefit to our clients, i.e. an offer common to all European countries that would cover the same high standards of services and include legal and tax solutions specific to a given country.

Clients can already find most of the information about the Polish subsidiary and the products and services it markets in a booklet called "A new start to your development", which is available in Polish.


Click here to read the booklet in Polish




Eurofactor Polska is a major provider of services and products on Polish factoring market. Its membership of the Crédit Agricole network enables it to support local companies wishing to expand internationally, with the support of the various Group locations.
Eurofactor Polska SA operates in every region of Poland, keeping the offices in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Katowice, Poznan and Gdansk.

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