Proper management of credit management is of paramount importance to the durability of any business: 25% of all bankruptcies are currently linked to defaulting debtors[1]

To cover the cash flow needs of SMEs-SMIs and support their development projects both in France and abroad, Eurofactor has extended its range to include an undisclosed in-house factoring product.

This new product allows French SME-SMIs to receive financing within 24 hours[2] for their assigned receivables, all in the strictest confidentiality. Companies thus preserve their entire commercial relations with their clients. It also includes a guarantee against debtor insolvency.

Undisclosed in-house factoring stands out among other existing confidential-type products by its simplicity of implementation (no IT development required for the companies) and flexibility of use, featuring online management via the Eurofactor Online mobile app (financing, balance queries, position, overview, history and even advisor contact).

With undisclosed in-house factoring, Eurofactor supports SMEs-SMIs in managing their cash flow and commits to working alongside them to propose simple and efficient solutions for managing receivables.


[1] Business payment behaviour in France and Europe – 2013 - Altares
[2] Subject to invoices and relations complying with the stated terms & conditions.
Recorded performance in 2013 on the portfolio: 86% of all submissions are processed and financed within 24 hours.



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