Eurofactor Portugal takes on the Group's new specific factoring brand

Following on from the launch of Crédit Agricole's new factoring brand in France, Eurofactor Portugal, a major player in the Portuguese factoring sector for the last 23 years, is the first international entity to adopt the new logo, giving it a new dynamic image and clearly showing that it is part of the Crédit Agricole Group.

Launching the new brand gave Eurofactor Portugal the occasion to modernise its Website, giving it smoother navigation and positioning it closer to the Crédit Agricole group. This new, more user-friendly showcase highlights Eurofactor Portugal's will to become closer to its customers, by making the site's content more suited to their requirements. Special emphasis was placed on presenting the solutions and support provided by the dedicated teams. 

With this new development, Eurofactor Portugal, the current leader of export factoring in Portugal with a 46% market share, should continue to grow both in its home market and abroad by supporting new countries, as they did with Brazil in 2014. 



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