Eurofactor, a global factor

Eurofactor markets a broad range of factoring products and services to all its customers - Professionals, Businesses and Multinationals. All are short term financing solutions for securing, financing and managing their accounts receivable allowing the agents of the economy to focus on their core business.

In France, one customer in four picks Eurofactor for their factoring solution. Whether it's used to finance development, reduce or stabilise credit management costs or navigate through a difficult period, factoring is a financing method that helps our customers to grow confidently and stimulate their business activity.

Any kind of business can find the solution it needs, from domestic-market operations to international collection operations.

In addition to financing, Eurofactor also provides performance-boosting services to its customers: accounts receivable diagnostics, commercial information, total or partial outsourcing of invoicing, guarantee against the risk of insolvency, etc.

Quality of service at the key to development

  • 80% of clients are satisfied*

  • 86% of invoices financed within 24 hours

* source: company, 1st half 2014, sample of 552 customers


Expert know-how

  • 50 years of know-how

  • flexible and customisable financing
  • support abroad
  • debt collection

Global scope

  • no. 5 in Europe

  • no. 4 in Germany
  • export factoring
  • servicing 70 countries


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