Eurofactor makes factoring available to everyone

Solutions for all occasions

With Créances Services, a product distributed exclusively through the Crédit Agricole Regional banks, professionals can assign just the invoices they choose to and be financed within 24 hours, thanks to a dedicated website available 24/7.

For smaller businesses, Eurofactor also provides VSBs (less than 10 employees and less than € 2 M turnover) with invoice financing and management specifically within the framework of a partnership with Bpifrance, a body that supports innovation and growth in companies.

Exclusive benefits

With factoring, businesses benefit from three high added-value services: financing of their invoices within 24 hours, 100 % guarantee against unpaid invoices, and complete credit management (dunning, payments and collection). They retain exclusive control over the commercial relationships with their customers and can focus on their development without worrying about collection. Major clients can also access a reverse factoring product to finance their suppliers.

Online services

In addition to their relationship with the experts at CAL&F, all customers have access to an extranet that provides a detailed or summary view of their operations.

Alerts and information about managing factoring agreements are also available on Smartphones. In addition, through the websites customers and prospects can simulate their expected factoring financing and determine which products are best suited to their requirements.


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